REMIS System for oil and gas

REMIS System for oil and gas


System Features


Award Winning Remis System software will help you get a grip on your environmental information once and for all!

Remis System implementation projects have captured a 2004 Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award from the Tulsa Chapter of the Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers and runner up for the Frank Condon Award for Environmental Excellence from the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma.   This project helped a major oil and gas company gain control of information for over 500 operating facilities involving thousands of air pollutant emission sources and hundreds of operating permits  in several states.  Emission inventories and compliance tracking became a simple push button task, freeing up technical staff for more demanding responsibilities!  

What is Remis System?

Remis System is a Microsoft Access-based database application which serves as a comprehensive management information system for environmental  data.  Remis System can serves a multitude of industries.  A version of Remis System has been specifically  tailored for oil & gas operations, as an enterprise solution.  The system is designed to address typical oil and gas operation needs including facility air emission estimates and reports for sources including combustion equipment, glycol dehydration units, storage tanks, flashing losses, flares, vents, fugitive emissions, and more.   REMIS System houses facility and equipment information, performs emission calculations, tracks material & stream data, maintains compliance and permitting information, and provides automated reporting capabilities.  

What does Remis System do?

It is hard to imagine what Remis does not do.  Remis System gives you power and control of your data and allow simple user direction as to how data is processed.  Remis System serves as a centralized database for storing and tracking all air quality emission points, equipment specifications, test results, analytical data, operating data, emissions, and compliance-related information.  Air emissions are calculated by Remis based on user selections and emissions factors, test data, or other equations.  Remis System tracks permit and compliance data.  A Report Navigator allows the user to generate a variety of reports for source data verification, emission estimates, permit & compliance summaries, and more.  Remis System comes fully loaded with hundreds of emission factors common to oil and gas source types such as internal combustion engines engines, heaters, and boilers, as well as a full chemical reference database with chemical properties covering the all criteria pollutants, and common HAPs or toxic chemicals encountered in oil and gas operations.  Need help in managing your other environmental data outside of air quality?  Check out the other Remis software packages currently offered.  Remis puts a world of information at your fingertips.


What role do you play in your company in addressing environmental concerns?  Find out more from each of these perspectives:

Executive Officer

Boost your ROI & bottom line-                             

control your environmental expenses


Environmental Manager

Take a 'make-sense' approach to 

compliance & reporting that is 

fast, reliable, and efficient!


Environmental Specialist/Engineer

Facilitate recordkeeping and automate

emissions calculations for all source types


IT Professional

Centralize your environmental information -

and select the package that best

fits your business requirements