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REMIS System for oil and gas

From an environmental manager's perspective:

Jay Doe, Acme-Farr Oil & Gas

Environmental Manager



  • To find an information management system which will assist in tracking & maintaining air quality and other environmental data efficiently and perform all necessary and repetitive calculations automatically – without incurring large costs and long lead times
  • Get environmental data under control, and provide staff with the necessary resources to do the job
  • keep compliance in check



  • Environmental information seems to multiply exponentially from one year to the next, whether it be facility/source data, compliance tracking information, air emission calculations, sampling data, or other numerous data types.
  • These volumes of information essential to ensuring compliance can quickly get out of control through the lack of an effective centralized data management system, and by inconsistent practices in the way information is managed, whether internal or external.




  • Full-featured, robust, centralized, and user-friendly database system capable of handling numerous facilities and sources 

  • Tracks all air quality-related information including facility/source data, operating data, emission factors, testing data, permit information, and more

  • Easy to use, quick to implement; minimal training required to begin achieving immediate benefit

  • Data and results can be exported to other software such as database, spreadsheet, text editor, or word processing applications


.....with a convenient monthly lease, Remis System is something you can't afford to be without.


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