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REMIS System for oil and gas

From an environmental professional's perspective:

Jane Doe, Acme-Farr Oil & Gas

Environmental Engineer / Specialist



Get all annual emission inventories or air permit applications done in a fraction of the time!

If you are like many environmental professionals in the air quality field, you rely on environmental data such as source specifications, emission factors, actual operating data, and permit limits on a daily basis for various reporting, permitting, and compliance-related tasks.  And this same data is relied upon repeatedly in ensuing tasks, as are many calculations such as mole percent to weight percent conversions on gas or stream analyses, actual vs. PTE emission estimates, GRI GLY-Calc and EPA TANKS runs, and permit compliance demonstrations.



How can more of these tasks be completed in less time while freeing up time for other responsibilities, without having to re-invent the wheel?  Is there a new environmental tool or system available which could pay for itself?




Some of the exciting features of Remis System are summarized below:

  • Emission estimation is made easy through built-in algorithms which perform all calculations necessary for reporting of criteria pollutants, hazardous air pollutants, and greenhouse gases
  • Includes both actual emissions and PTE (potential-to-emit)
  • Uses AP-42, manufacturers’ data, sampling data, or other user-defined factors in estimates
  • Includes standard reports providing information needed to complete air emission inventories and other reporting obligations
  • Compliance Certification reports show areas of facility compliance relative to Title V permit conditions for major facilities
  • Monitoring reports support major & minor source compliance demonstrations
  • Current and historical data for equipment is maintained
  • Permit information including emission limits, general and specific permit conditions, issuance/renewal dates is maintained for ease of reference and compliance reviews
  • Compliance tracking reports produce schedules, task assignments, and documentation to assist in communication between environmental staff and field personnel to guard against non-compliance
  • Import features allow for fast importing of EPA TANKS runs and GRI-GLYCalc runs for storage tank and glycol dehydration unit parameters and emission estimates
  • Remis represents a long-term solution that will continue to grow with you.  Enhancements, fixes, and improvements are offered in frequent system updates


….. and Remis System is surprisingly affordable with convenient monthly lease options!


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