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REMIS System for oil and gas

Selected Remis System Program Features:


  • Emission estimation is automated with flexible calculations performed internally for criteria pollutants, hazardous air pollutants, and greenhouse gases
  • Facility emission totals available by source or equipment type
  • Separate calculations address both actual emissions and PTE (potential-to-emit)
  • AP-42, manufacturers’ data, emission factors, testing data, analytical data, or other custom factors can be selected as a basis for estimating emissions
  • QuickAdd features now available for streamlined data entry of gas analyses, product compositions, and emission factors
  • Current and historical operating data for equipment is maintained; emissions may be estimated for any user-selected operating year
  • Hundreds of pre-loaded chemical constituents and emission factors common to the oil & gas industry included
  • Standard reports provide information needed to facilitate completion of required agency emission inventory reports
  • Compliance Certification reports show areas of facility compliance relative to Title V or other permit conditions for major facilities
  • Monitoring reports support major & minor source compliance demonstrations
  • Permit information including emission limits, general and specific permit conditions, issuance/renewal dates is maintained for ease of reference and compliance reviews
  • Compliance tracking reports produce schedules, task assignments, and documentation to assist in communication between environmental staff and field personnel
  • New import features allow data from EPA TANKS runs for storage tanks and GRI GLY-Calc runs for glycol dehydration units to be imported directly into Remis System
  • Intuitive and user-friendly data input screens: easy "tab" format allows switching quickly between equipment types

  • The preparation and QA/QC of permit applications is greatly expedited by managing source information in Remis and gathering data or emission estimates from a large selection of queries or reports
  • Remis MT included as a module under the Remis System package - provides powerful product and material tracking capabilities