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REMIS System for oil and gas

Remis System Pricing:


Remis System is available through very affordable monthly or annual license leasing plans!  Monthly lease options are available at a reasonable cost.  Pricing is based on the number of operating facilities (compressor stations, gas plants, etc.) to be managed within Remis System.  A long-term contract is not required, however discounts are offered on one-year and two-year agreements.  The Remis System license lease entitles our clients to all upgrades, modifications, and enhancements made available during the lease term.  Free technical support is also provided as a service during the lease term on issues directly related to system performance and functionality, and any hardware furnished by RFS.

RFS currently offers three different packages depending on client preference and needs.  Please contact us at rsober@rfsconsulting.com or 918.663.9850 for further information. We would be glad to furnish you with a detailed price quote on each of these packages.


PACKAGE A:  Remis Turn-key Solution  

  • Remis System installed at client's location on dedicated server leased through RFS, in coordination with client's IT department


PACKAGE B:  Remis Server Installation

  • Remis System installed on client's server, in coordination with client's IT department


PACKAGE C:  RFS Citrix Server Access

  • Remote access to Remis System installed on RFS Citrix server




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