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REMIS System for oil and gas

From an executive's perspective:

John P. Doe, Acme-Farr Oil & Gas

Vice-President / Executive Officer




  • Optimize ROI, reduce costs, control environmental costs, and reduce liability


  • Environmental compliance is mandatory; includes cost of emission inventory preparation, compliance reporting, permitting, & compliance demonstration
  • Whether these obligations are done in-house or out-sourced, costs are realized in staff time and/or consulting fees
  • Environmental requirements are here to stay…
  • Can environmental compliance costs be controlled or reduced through increased efficiency and/or a reduction in outsourcing?




An information management system specifically designed for addressing oil & gas related environmental compliance.  Remis System will help you to reduce your environmental costs, and improve the efficiency of performing compliance-related tasks by: 

  • Managing environmental data within a centralized system (including facility equipment or source specifications, operating data, test data, emission factors and other reference information) – and thereby greatly improving the efficiency of Environmental staff
  • Allowing for faster, more streamlined annual reporting once baseline year is established
  • Automating repetitive air emission calculations
  • Eliminating wasted time searching for data, underlying assumptions, or documentation previously relied upon in an environmental project or task (easing staff responsibility shifts and employee turnover issues)


.....with a convenient monthly lease, Remis System is something you can't afford to be without.


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