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RFS Consulting, Inc. is an dynamic environmental consulting firm originating in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Beginning in 1986, the firm serves clients nationwide. The mission of RFS is to provide clients with high-quality environmental engineering and consulting services. To accomplish this, RFS combines experience and qualified personnel to address environmental matters quickly and efficiently. RFS staff includes engineers and scientists with considerable environmental and information management experience, ensuring highly qualified professionals each client’s issues.

RFS serves primarily the oil and gas industry.  However, we have a diverse client base including foundries, metal fabricators, waste management companies, and refineries. Customers depend on RFS to provide direction to their environmental programs, and to manage and implement successful completion of environmental projects. RFS provides high quality work products that withstand regulatory scrutiny.

Be sure to see a more detailed list of available services. Be sure to look into REMIS, developed by RFS to provide environmental software solutions to routine environmental tasks like record keeping, reporting, permitting, and compliance.




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